Spiritus movens - Songs of Jeremi Przybora

Spiritus movens - Songs of Jeremi Przybora

Spiritus movens - Songs of Jeremi Przybora

Spiritus movens - Songs of Jeremi Przybora

Music and song texts:
Jerzy Wasowski, Jeremi Przybora
Scenario and direction:
Justyna Zar-Schabowska
Musical adaptation:
Marcin Nagnajewicz
Alexandr Azarkevitch
Damian Styrna
Iga Sylwestrzak
Lighting director:
Artur Wytrykus
Multimedia projections:
Eliasz Styrna
Director's assistant:
Musical assistant:
Choreographer's assistant:
Anna Bebenow


Reader, Elegant Man, Pope no. II:
Vera, Odorata:
Julia Pruszak - Kowalewska, Simona Skrebutenaite


 A master of poetic invention and finesse of words. His works invariably delight, entertain and provoke reflection, delighting with the beauty of words at their best; Jeremi Przybora is the hero of the next premiere at Opera Nova.

 For the director of the show, the starting point for its creation was the Master's "Memoir", especially the time of his youth and places related to the Artist's stay in Bydgoszcz. However, the entire performance is not a reproduction of "Cabaret of Old Men"; it has its own separate dramaturgy. 

The creative team of this production intended it to be set in a new (somewhat spooky!) aesthetics and with a modern context. The chronology of the performance is created by well-known songs in new arrangements and a surprising stage form. 

Soloists - singers accompanied by dancers construct their creations: grotesque, cabaret, lyrical and romantic, interpreting the timeless songs of the Wasowski-Przybora duo. 

It promises to be a sophisticated musical and dramatic feast: The audience will certainly appreciate the new arrangements of songs performed by the chamber orchestra. The eye will be pleased with the scenography, which can be read... like an issue of "Przekrój" magazine. You should expect a pinch of irony, even a certain "bitterness" and... black humor in the characters' dialogues. 

The show will please adult audiences, but may remain incomprehensible to children. 

Duration 1 hour 10 min. Without an intermission.

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