THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO (Le nozze di Figaro)

THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO (Le nozze di Figaro)

The Marriage of Figaro:
opera buffa in four acts, KV 492
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Lorenzo da Ponte, based on Beaumarchais's "Figaro ou La Folle Journée". Original version with Polish translation.
3 hours, including an intermission
Soloists, Choir, Orchestra of Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz


Musical director and conductor:
Marcin Sompoliński
Wojciech Adamczyk
Staging and set designer:
Marcelina Początek-Kunikowska
Costume designer:
Maria Balcerek
Zofia Rudnicka
Choir preparation:
Henryk Wierzchoń
Conductor's assistant:
Kamil Parcheta
Director's assitant:
Dorota Borowicz
Choreographer's assistant:
Anna Bebenow
Costume designer's assistant:
Magdalena Kut


Count Almaviva:
Adam Zaremba, Dawid Roy, Sławomir Kowalewski.


The Marriage of Figaro (The Crazy Day or the Marriage of Figaro, La Folle Journée ou le Mariage de Figaro) - a five-act play by Pierre Beaumarchais (1784), the second work in a row, after The Barber of Seville, depicting the adventures of Count Almaviva and his servant Figaro, which inspired Mozart to compose an opera under the same name. It's a true operatic exemplar - the best possible libretto, masterful screenplay, fast-paced action, the subtlety of human portraits rendered with musical themes. Mozart transformed the opera buffa scheme into an unsurpassed model of an operatic performance.

Today, there is no major opera house in the world that does not have The Marriage of Figaro in its repertoire. Mozart's masterpiece returned to the repertoire of the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz after 38 years since its last staging. The scene looks as if was painted by the famous Baroque masters: the decorations include details that were inspired by the Baroque tradition, typical floral motives and traditional landscapes. And the costumes? Every Count could only dream of wearing such a frock coat or a hunting outfit, and every peasant woman would like to decorate her head with an idyllic flowered hat. The singers look stunning; everyone is filled with joy whilst singing Mozart's arias. This is also the main focus point of the creative team: to convey joy to the viewers through the beauty of music and visual aesthetics.

How to outsmart the Mightiest of this world? How to wipe their noses and avoid fearsome revenge? You have to resort to a strategic and intelligent intrigue: hurt their pride and at the same time knock the weapons out of their hands, with which they would like to punish us. In Mozart's opera, we meet our good old friends from The Barber of Seville: Countess Rosina, now neglected by her husband, Count Almaviva, enjoying the art of flirting with young and attractive girls, Figaro - a former barber from Seville, currently serving the Count during the eve of his wedding. Doctor Bartolo is waiting for an opportunity to take revenge (he hasn't forgotten that Rosina was swept from under his nose), accompanied by Don Basilio - a sneaky accomplice and a witty music teacher. They, along with Figaro's fiancée Susanna, amorous young boy Cherubino, Marcellina, who is always thirsty for love, and others - will experience trials and tribulations before Figaro's wedding takes place.

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